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Lead Monkey Puts Your Lead Generation on ‘Autopilot’


Don’t let the complicated and ever-changing advertising algorithms throw a monkey wrench in your lead generation plans…
The lead wranglers at Lead Monkey get you more qualified leads!
More leads = more sales!

Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to lead generation and advertising.


The professionals at Lead Monkey have tamed the ‘King Kong’ (800-pound Gorilla) of advertising…

What We Do:
Who’s Your Ideal Market? Knowing your customer’s needs wants and desires is the most important aspect of a high converting lead generation and sales system. We help you through this process.
Create and Test Offers: We have over 15 years experience marketing and creating offers. We have systems and processes. We test, tweak and adjust until we have a winning offer. Once we have a winning over, it’s like a banana tree. It can get bananas.
Ad Copy and Image Creation: Our expert team of designers and image creators will create several ads and designs. We then test and tweak the ads and creatives until we are swinging from tree to tree with excitement.
Test, test, test: We use proven systems and processes to run dozens of ads. We split test. Eat bananas. Split test some more. We typically don’t monkey around during this phase. What doesn’t work, we just fling poo at it.

Review, rinse and repeat...

We execute high converting ad campaigns that generate leads so you can achieve your personal and business goals much faster, completely done for you.

As a business owner you have a bunch of things on your plate every day and the last thing you need is Facebook unexpectedly changing their algorithm or advertising rules…throwing a monkey wrench into your lead generation and the growth of your business.

Not having to stress about new rules and algorithm changes taking place…

Finally…Get the lead generation monkey OFF your back…and profitably grow your business.

All of our competitors are second banana. 


Your business needs to predictably and consistently generate leads; and right now, for most businesses, Facebook is the single most effective – and affordable – way to do this.

So, outsource your lead generation to the Prosfessionals, the smartest marketers because with Leadmonkey working for you, you get leads while you sleep.

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